Damage Management Policy

You may not be responsible for the entire damage.

Please note that depending on the type of protection you have purchased for your rental, you may be only partially liable for the damages. 

1. Damages identified in your presence at the time of return of the vehicle

If any damage is identified in the presence of the Motorhome Madeira representative at the time of return of the Vehicle, it will be mentioned in the Declaration of Return of the Vehicle and must sign in as it has knowledge. Then Motorhome Madeira will issue an invoice describing the repair costs, plus the amount corresponding to the administrative costs for the management of the Damage Process and the vehicle immobilisation.

Repair costs vary depending on the nature of the damage:

-> Small damages, non-substantial damages, which do not affect the safe driving of the Vehicle, such as risks, slight impact on the windscreen, risks on the bumper: the values are charged based on the recommended price list available at Motorhome Madeira stations.

-> More substantial damages that impair the use of the vehicle by requiring temporary immobilization, such as damage to the bodywork. This type of damage will be evaluated by an independent expert and billed according to the expert’s report or cost estimate made by an independent auto repair shop.

If you dispute the identified damages and decide not to sign the return statement of the Vehicle with the mention of the damages, Motorhome Madeira will apply the procedure described below (see section 2).

2. Identified damages after you have finished your rental and returned the vehicle (for example, in the situation where you returned the vehicle outside normal business hours)

If, after terminating your rental and returning the vehicle, the Motorhome Madeira official or representative identifies any damage during the inspection of the vehicle, Motorhome Madeira will send you the following documents:

– Declaration of Return of the Vehicle, with a description of the damages identified;

– Photographs of damages;

– An estimate of the repair costs (which will vary according to the nature of the damage – see above), plus an amount relating to administrative costs for the management of the Damage Process and vehicle immobilisation.

If you wish to contest the Identified Damages or repair costs you should contact us by email or by letter within 7 days of the date the documents were sent. At the end of this 7-day period, Motorhome Madeira will send you the corresponding invoice, with the aforementioned repair costs, plus the amount related to administrative costs for the Management of Damage and immobilization of the vehicle.

3. Complaints

If you wish to dispute your damage bill, you can send us a message to our Customer Support Department (info@motorhomemadeira.com).

You can also contact the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) (www.ecrcs.eu).

See our Damages Cost Table (DCT).